cropped-favicon.pngWho I am

My name is Jeff Lee, a junior graphic and web designer(specialized in wordpress). I also like to work with video editing and animation.

I came to Canada when I was in grade seven in 2009 from South Korea. I went to BCIT (British Columbia Institute of Technology) in 2015 to study New Media Design & Web Development for a year. This one-year full-time program not only taught me many skills for the industry but grew my passion for working with visuals.


Goldtrone is a branding name I gave myself to stand out in the industry. The story actually goes back to when I had a dream of becoming a professional bodybuilder in high school. I wanted a cool nickname as a junior bodybuilder to be popular on Instagram and started calling myself Goldtrone. This became recognizable between many people around me so I adapted it as my identity.

Work Experience

Stronghold Fitness Inc. (2016~)

New Edge Fitness Inc. (2016~)

Laserdome Plus (2016~)

Happy Buddha Tattoo (2016~)