Create Collective

Create Collective is a newly launched video production company founded by my friends Shamlo Faek and Lael Hansen.

It’s such a pleasure to help out someone’s dream company to come to reality.

create collective logo
create collective logo

This logo is actually based off my friend’s handwriting. He wrote it and I scanned it using an app on my iPad mini called adobe capture. Then I recreated this logo.

As you can see, It is a mixture of “cre” of create and an infinity sign

that can be pronounced as “eight” (slanted 8) to create “Create” sound.

create collective logo 2
create collective logo 2

This is a more symmetrical and formal version of the logo. Both are great but they both have their own use.

final design of Create Collective business card
the final design of Create Collective business card

There is a big infinity sign overlayed on the backside of the business card as the symbol is the main concept of the company.

Create Collective is the representation of infinity symbol.

What they can do is limitless and no other sign can describe it better.