Hana Paper

One day I received a photo of Hana Paper’s old business card.

There is nothing wrong with it. It’s very traditional and basic.

However, my client wanted something modern and have some personality.

Old business card of Hana Paper
Old business card of Hana Paper


hana paper logo
Hana paper logo

This is the new logo(first logo since there was no logo at all) of Hana Paper.

If you noticed, Hana(하나) is not an English word. It means “one” in Korean.

Since the name of the company has one Korean(hana) word and one Englis word(paper), I used both alphabets to create a logo.

final business caard design for Hana Paper
final business card design for Hana Paper

Here is the final design of the new business card. It has same bilingual format like the old one but it looks much more modern ad stylish with blue colour that represents trust and loyalty.